I am Loki, of Asgard. God of Mischief and Lies. I am known to my twins simply by the name Mischief.

Harm my daughter and you will face the wrath of a God. I am no longer a prisoner and I will no longer allow myself to be treated as such.

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I am not Loki or Tom Hiddleston, nor am I affiliated with him or Marvel. This is just for fun and roleplay purposes.

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Loki Friggason
Mischief Has A WAy Of Finding You

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"It’ll be okay," Dean murmured as he pressed a kiss to the teen’s temple. "We’ll get you out of here and get you cleaned up. Do you want to go to the uh—" Dean figured he knew the answer, but he always asked.


Loki shook his head before the question could be finished. “N-no,” he insisted, looking at Dean. “Please…I-I’m not hurt…I’m fine. I just want to go home.”

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Tony’s eyes fluttered as they were pulled flush against one another and he gave a soft moan at the sensation. “You would take me, make me just your pet - a plaything?” he asked, lip curling a bit at the thought. “I’m worth more than that.”

"I treat my pets quite well," Loki purred slightly, smirking down at Tony and pressing against him. 

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"Yeah, says who?" he asked, glaring up at him.

"Says me," Loki snarled, pressing his body against him.

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(Protection m!a) You're welcome, Loki. You have nothing to fear from Odin anymore. I hope this proves to you that not all of my kind are evil and out to harm you. Now go, tell this good news to your child.

"I shall," Loki said quickly, running off to find his daughter.


Ive never seen anything more mythical…

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m!a: Your daughter is now under a special protection spell against Odin: he cannot change her into any type of beast or other animal, and he cannot banish her to any other realms. Consider this a reward for being such a loving father, and not harming anyone since she was born. ~ poof ~

"I…thank you," Loki whispered, tears of joy and gratitude in his eyes.