I am Loki, of Asgard. God of Mischief and Lies. I am known to my twins simply by the name Mischief.

Harm my daughter and you will face the wrath of a God. I am no longer a prisoner and I will no longer allow myself to be treated as such.

[Independent Loki roleplay blog. Set 10 years after the events of Avengers. Read About page for more info.

I am not Loki or Tom Hiddleston, nor am I affiliated with him or Marvel. This is just for fun and roleplay purposes.

Will roleplay with anyone. Multiverse blog. Formerly ask-the-god-of-mischief.]
Loki Friggason
Mischief Has A WAy Of Finding You



   She was quite  pleased  when  the small
   creature stayed put on       her finger, but
   mourned the         loss of  the pretty thing
   when it finally flew away. Her hands both
   lowered when  Loki stepped closer to her
   and told her that    some humans had the
   capacity to learn     what he did. “And can
   you tell which humans   have this ability?”

"I believe that most mortals have the capacity to learn at least the basics of magic," he murmured, closing the distance between the two of them carefully. "To learn more…it takes a mortal that is more determined. More intelligent and focused." The slightest shrug as he looked Peggy over. "Perhaps I can try and teach you…if you are interested."

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Natasha awoke several hours later and almost immediately, she knew something was off. Loki wasn’t anywhere in the room, and worry rushed through her veins. She shot up out of bed and took off through the house, searching every nook and cranny for the god, but with no luck. Her body shook with silent sobs and she moved to sit on the couch.

Astrid followed the woman around the house silently, ears folded back against her head. She knew her Master was gone. Once Natasha sat on the couch, the tigress climbed up next to her, whining and nudging her hand lightly in an attempt to comfort her. After a moment, she nudged Natasha’s hand and glanced at the door as if to say Loki had left.

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[I hate that constant feeling I have that I’m annoying every single person I’m talking to]

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fuck you, bacon


fuck you, bacon

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Whal, whal, whal,

               Loki what we have here.

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A solid way to accept someone’s feelings.

i’m gonna die still laughing at this

I gleefully showed this to at least four people and nobody got the joke so