I am Loki, of Asgard. God of Mischief and Lies. I am known to my twins simply by the name Mischief.

Harm my daughter and you will face the wrath of a God. I am no longer a prisoner and I will no longer allow myself to be treated as such.

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I am not Loki or Tom Hiddleston, nor am I affiliated with him or Marvel. This is just for fun and roleplay purposes.

Will roleplay with anyone. Multiverse blog. Formerly ask-the-god-of-mischief.]
Loki Friggason
Mischief Has A WAy Of Finding You

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She sighed. “Very well then.” But she sat next to him. “Anything new, lately? “

Loki shook his head slightly, finally letting his gaze drift to her. “Finally readjusted to this life, I suppose.”

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Gimme angst



5. Your muse finds mine, shaking and bleeding after just being raped 

Tony pressed his face into his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks. Every inch of his body was aching and he was bleeding. It was his own fault anyway. He was the one that had thrown the party, had a little bit too much to drink, flirted with the wrong guy. He hadn’t even been able to fight back. He had pinned down to the bed, unable to do much in his drunken state. Now he was curled up on the bathroom with his clothes torn, trying his best to forget that it had ever happened. (Picturing this as teenage Tony. Hope that’s alright.)

Tony turned to face Loki, a small frown spreading across his face when he saw he was sitting on the floor. “You can sit at my desk of you want.” Desk chairs weren’t the most comfortable but he figured it was better than sitting on the floor. “Thanks for driving me to the hospital.” He wouldn’t have gone if he hadn’t been there. 

Loki shook his head as he looked up at Tony. “I’m fine,” he said with a slight smile. “And you’re welcome,” he added quietly.

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